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Alexey Kirienko biography of the founder of EXANTE

Alexey Kirienko is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of EXANTE. He is a hedge fund specialist and derivatives expert.


alexey kirienko

Alexey Kirienko



Alexey speaks three languages English, Croatian and Russian


Masters (Economics)

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (2003 - 2006)

Who is Alexey Kirienko?

Education and first investments

In 2006 Alexey graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (former Moscow State Academy of Oil and Gas). While still in school, the young Alexey started to develop an interest in probability theory, and during his studies at the Economics faculty Kirienko tried to look at the financial part specifically from the perspective of game theory, conditional probabilities and statistics.

Being in his second or third year, the young man has already started to make his first investments, namely securities trading. And despite his initial desire to go to work at a major oil and gas company, Alexey decides to devote himself entirely to investment and trading. In his fifth year, Alexey Kirienko and some other buddies were involved in statistical arbitrage. In 2005-2006 this helped the young students earn their first big money.

Stock and brokerage business

In 2006, Alexey partnered with Anatoliy Knyazev to register a fund in the Cayman Islands. Despite the crisis, 2008 was the most successful year for Alexei's fund - with $8 million in assets.

In 2009 Alexey and his partners decided to close the Fund and focus on the development of a trading platform for exchanges.

In 2010 Alexey's team is developing trading software. At first they were doing it for themselves, but as their work became more and more interesting to other market participants, Alexey started to think about business model and how to monetize it in an optimal way. That's when the idea of a brokerage business came up.

The beginning of EXANTE and its history

In summer 2011 Alexey and his partners Anatoly Kniazev and Gatis Eglitis started a new company - EXANTE. All registration procedures were completed in Malta. Soon the company successfully obtained an MFSA licence. Already in 2012, the company received a second division with registration in Cyprus, and in 2019 the organisation got licenced in Hong Kong.

For 10 years, the entire EXANTE team has worked hard to establish its place in the market. Such fruitful work has been reflected in the more than 30 awards received, all of which are highly regarded in the financial industry.

Such awards include:

  • Investment Award;
  • Diversity in Finance;
  • Digital Investment Company;
  • Investment Innovations Awards.

Almost from day one, the company found its first clients. Quality software, which has become one of the best and most innovative in the CIS, as well as a creative and modern approach to doing business, helped Alexei achieve the desired success and build up a large client base.