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EXANTE is a fast-growing European brokerage company founded in 2011. It has high-reliability ratings and all necessary licenses. It has offices all over the world. It has a platform that gives access to many financial instruments and markets.
Minimum deposit 10 000 EUR
Regulator MFSA, CySEC, MiFID
CEO Alexey Kirienko, Anatoliy Knyazev, Gatis Eglitis
Year of foundation 2011
Financial instruments 150 000+
May 18, 2022

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Overall company rating

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Exante Rating

Quick overview:

Exante provides access to more than 55 global trading venues and over 50,000 financial instruments from a single account.

Financial instruments:

  • stocks and ETFs - over 10,000 stocks;
  • currencies and precious metals - more than 50 currency pairs;
  • bonds - government and corporate bonds;
  • futures - 500 types of futures contracts;
  • options - 6,000 options on underlying assets;
  • cryptocurrency - 9 types of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin BCH, Bitcoin BTC, Monero XMR, Litecoin LTC, Dash DASH, Ethereum ETH, Zcash ZEC, Ripple XRP, XAI)

Broker EXANTE allows you to work on the world's major markets with high-speed order execution.


  • User-friendly trading platform available in all popular platforms and languages
  • An impressive list of available trading instruments
  • Robust savings tools and mobile app.


  • High initial deposit - 10 000 eur
  • No possibility to add new custom or third-party indicators to the terminal

Full Review


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Minimum deposit

€10 000

A minimum deposit of EUR 10,000 is required to open a brokerage account.

Withdrawal fee


Regardless of withdrawal amount

Exante is one of the few companies in the world that offers to trade such an impressive number of financial assets from a single account. Instruments such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, options, futures, funds, precious metals, ETFs, and currencies are available here.

The only drawback is a very high initial deposit of 10 000 euros. Such a fee upsets many investors and sometimes becomes a reason to refuse services in favor of another broker.

To open an account, you need to register on the official website of the company, upload a copy of your foreign passport and residence registration certificate into the system and make an initial deposit of at least EUR 10000. The account is opened quickly and easily. Documents are processed within 24 hours. Customers are satisfied with the speed and quality of service.

Closing the account is simple, you need to apply for withdrawal of funds, close all positions and contact your manager or the support service. There is also an opportunity to transfer all open positions to another firm, for this you need to contact your manager.

You can use a demo account to get acquainted with the trading terminal. The demo account is identical to the real one: it has the same set of settings and instruments but has no expiration date and provides actual market data. The investor has 1 000 000 virtual euros at his disposal. Everything can be reset in the settings. In this case the deposit size will be equal to 1 million again. You need to register on, download the trading platform version, and switch to the demo mode to get the demo access.

Commissions and trading conditions

Commissions are charged solely for executed trades, including clearing and exchange fees, and the cost of execution. There are no application or usage fees. The initial deposit amount is 10,000 EUR. There is no minimum size for a transaction. The broker allows you to use any number of instruments and the ability to trade any amount.

The overnight fee is not fixed and will be charged on FX and short positions. Rollover fee is charged for overnight positions daily at 4 o'clock GMT for the previous night.

Spreads are available starting from 0.2 pips on popular currency pairs. Leverage is provided for liquid stocks, fixed income currencies and bonds. Not provided - for derivatives, hedge funds and exchange-traded funds.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

You can replenish your account by bank transfer. Money can be deposited in different currencies: euros, rubles, American, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars, Polish zloty, Swiss francs, Japanese yen, pounds sterling.

You can only withdraw money by bank transfer. Sending an application will require a little bit of work. You need to go to your personal cabinet, fill out the form, then print it out, scan it and send it to the manager through the "Withdrawal of funds" page. The request will be processed within one business day. The transfer itself may take from 1 to 5 days depending on the bank.

Withdrawals are made in currencies (EUR, GBP, USD). The fee is fixed at 30 EUR/USD/GBP and does not depend on the amount to be withdrawn. It is not very profitable to withdraw small amounts, but such a fee is very attractive for larger amounts. However, beneficiary banks may also charge for the transfer, so you need to be careful.

Broker's license

The broker is subject to the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which gives high protection to investors' funds. The Malta Financial Services Authority MFSA licenses Exante IS/52182, which enables the provision of brokerage services, including trading and investment, to individuals and companies. Such a license is very difficult to obtain, and even more so to retain as the MFSA is the most powerful and authoritative regulator in the world of finance.

Technical support and customer feedback

Communication channels to suppliers, user connections to counterparties are duplicated, and the infrastructure is distributed globally. Channels of communication with suppliers. Technical support is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Reviews from real customers

For small traders like me, this broker...


Review by: Date Published:

For small traders like me, this broker is unrealistically cool. Easy to navigate and diverse in functionality, it provides a low-cost way to global markets. The cost for using the services is paltry when compared to other platforms. Terms and conditions are simple, all actions are as transparent and trustworthy as the leader is. Provides information on all the products it trades in and details of all the industry regulations. In this situation, technical support is prompt and ready to help if needed. I am happy to use this platform and spend a mere penny for the complete software.

I've been using this site recently...


Review by: Date Published:

I use this site recently. The reason why I left the previous exchange - the high commission fee. Here the commission is much lower. Also found a number of other pluses. While working I often had to contact the support team. They quickly respond to calls and messages. I can feel the professionalism and competence of the staff—polite communication with the client. I would like to note a wide range of orders and currencies. The ability to track trades in real-time at low prices. Modern futures and stable trade enables long-term cooperation with European stock markets. User-friendly interface and navigation. Excellent Python API for automated trading.

Of the disadvantages, I would like to highlight the high margin requirements compared to other international brokers. Do not provide intraday margin on short options. Difficult for me to make a trading decision due to the large spread between bets.
Otherwise, the service is great for active traders.

I am a client of Exante broker...


Review by: Date Published:

I am a client of Exante broker. I was advised to make a deal with this brokerage organization and I have not regretted my choice. Exante offers the best price to quality ratio among all brokers. You can open a brokerage account from the comfort of your home. By downloading our mobile app, you can access all the necessary information, including stock reports, exchange rates, and webinars at any time. All your personal information is kept private and fully protected by the system. You will only be able to login into the system via authentication. The customer service is top-notch, if there are any questions, the support team explains everything clearly and easily. I want to express my gratitude to the company Exante. And of course, I give five stars to the mobile app.

Great tech support


Review by: Date Published:

Great service, very helpful with set up. Especially Daniel. I am surprised at the many negative reviews lately. I have been working with this broker for years and it has always been honest with me. Never had a problem with contacting customer service. It seems that the broker is scolded by newbies who lose money through their own fault. Indeed, Exante strictly monitors its margins to keep itself in a state of liquidity.

I recently had an embarrassing situation, but after several conversations and help from their representatives, the problem was solved and the money from the erroneous deposit was refunded. I had done something wrong when sending the money and wanted to return the amount. After some time I got the funds back. Of course, I had to call a lot of different people, but I found representatives who were willing to listen and help solve the problem. Exante is my only way to invest as it has access to many markets.

Best brokerage company I have ever come across.


Review by: Date Published:

Best brokerage company I have ever come across.
Great service, everything is explained in detail, 24/7 support and courteous service, great trading software. What is incredible to me is that Exante provides almost free of charge. Overall, the platform offers a wide range of functionality, but I believe 95 percent of clients only use 5 percent of Exante's features (myself included).

I really liked the charting and charting applications, although the profitability and modeling charts could be improved:
- Make it easier and more intuitive to use
- Speed up data processing
In conclusion, the platform is designed for high-level professionals.

Rating methodology

Exante's overall rating is a weighted average of several broker experience, commissions, platform, and company reliability. Factors we consider, depending on the category, include:

  • Fees and charges
  • Technical support
  • Account features and limitations
  • User-centric technology
  • Customer service and innovation.

Stars represent ratings ranging from poor (one star) to excellent (five stars). Ratings are rounded to the nearest tenth.