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Anatoliy Knyazev

Biography of EXANTE co-founder

Anatoliy Knyazev (co-founder of global investment company Exante) has always been fascinated in mathematics, science, and statistics. Only later in his life did he discover how to combine these varied interests into a successful career. He had pursued both these academic interests until that point. He holds a Bachelor in Science degree as well as a Master of Science degree in Mathematics, and Computer Science.


Anatoliy Knyazev

Anatoliy Knyazev




Masters (Economics)

Who is Anatoliy Knyazev?

First investments

He gained practical experience in software development after completing his studies. Netcracker Technology Corp. is a multinational company providing business support system (BSS), support systems for operations (OSS), and software defined networking (SDN) solutions. This combination of Anatoliy's academic knowledge and his real-world professional experience was crucial. Exante's technological success is due in large part to Anatoliy Knyazev's extensive experience in software engineering.

Anatoliy applied his mathematics fluency to trading in the mid-2000s. He was an expert in cybernetics as well as computational mathematics and sought arbitrage in trading derivatives versus underlying assets in order to find mispricings. His experience helped him quickly develop the skills and expertise necessary to become an expert trader. This led to the creation of a new network of like-minded people, eager to learn more about algorithmic trading. Anatoliy Knyazev developed relationships with brokers, global partners, and banks to form a counterparty network. One of these meetings lead him to Alexey Kirikenko , his future friend and co-founder at Exante.

Stock and brokerage business

Anatoliy started using his skills as software developer to start trading in 2007. In order to start establishing settlers on North American platforms, Anatoliy wrote his own trading program. Knyazev was able to see that it is much more profitable for him to create his own trading software than use other tools. Exante was born. They launched Exante, a brokerage business in 2011 with the help of other developers and their co-founders Gatis Eglitis .

Anatoliy Knyazev is an avid supporter of the freedom that the web offers. He has long been a passionate advocate of cryptocurrency and its benefits in homogenizing and unifying global financial markets. AnatoliyKnyazev strives to position the company at the forefront in cryptocurrency debate. She introduced a range on Exante’s proprietary trading platform, and has been demonstrating the benefits to investors worldwide.

Anatoliy Krayazev, in addition to his development of Exante, has been a part of numerous conferences around the globe discussing the benefits and uses of cryptocurrencies. His opinion pieces